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 Transformational Travel

Bespoke travel design


What is Transformational Travel?

Journeys have the power to transform us. Our lives, our businesses, our connections with others. To transform via travel is about the why and the how, not so much what and where. It’s depth over distance. Mindset, intentions, reflections. It is also about overcoming challenges and deepening connections. First and foremost with yourself.

One of the most powerful tools for transformation, travelling is still often overlooked as a means for change. But think about it, - there is not a single adventure without the possibility to experience something new, see the world through new eyes, get new perspectives.

Travelling is a chance for us to confront our values, take on life’s big issues, challenge the status quo. When you start to solidify new thoughts, new ideas, new possibilities, change, evidently, will happen.

Transformational travelling is about creating consolidation from within. A journey where you can rest and rejuvenate and have fun on your terms is also part of it. But most of all this is about creating that much needed change in your life, so that you can step in to your true self and reach even further than ever before.


Hilde S. Palladino

A connector, inspirator and crime author, I am first and foremost a true explorer. Having lived on three continents, served as a consultant for embassies, NGO’s and travel agencies, I firmly believe that if we all travelled more consciously the world would be a kinder place.

My adventures started in the 90’s with trips to remote parts of Indonesia, often hiring fishing boats if there were no ferries, and connecting with tribes that had never previously been visited by tourists. 

My love for travelling is endless. Some of my greatest insights have come during travels. Many of them when I took conscious choices.

Never limited to borders or boundaries, I truly believe that every change for the better in the world stems from self-love and self-exploration. But we cannot transform until we have transformational experiences. We cannot change the world if we are not at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. 

Time and again I see that journeys are the ultimate way to create change in our lives.

This is why I'm inviting you to come on this journey with me.

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Transformational Travel

Deep Inner Shift

At home our thinking is often restricted to the boundaries we have there. Routines, habits and order limit growth. With new experiences, by changing our environment, transformation can happen faster.


When you travel, you need to stay in the unfamiliar. When order is changed, there is no predictability. In that zone, you have the possibility to reflect, get new wisdom, create change and inevitably, grow.

Emotional Freedom

When you learn to consolidate from within, there is no challenge you can’t overcome, no task you can’t take on, no experience too frightening. When you reach your full potential, the choice is yours, entirely.



Ready to be more of what your truly are?

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a full-on adventure, there is not a single journey that doesn’t guide and transform us if we let it.

In reality, there is really no faster way of finding yourself, than going on an adventure.

In transformational travel we work with your wants and desires, your passions. Do you want to write a book, create more wealth, get to know yourself better, expand your comfort zone, contribute to the world, or do you just have a deep longing for finally saying yes to all life has to offer?

Transformational travel is about picking the right path, and leave room for magic.

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