How to expand the travel industry

It is said that the dirty secret of travel is that so many go so far to feel so little. Even the Roman philosopher Horace talked of the travelers of his time, writing - “They change their sky, but not their soul.” By this he meant that the mere act of travel won’t make us better people, or change our character, if we are just rushing around without understanding what we’re looking at, or what our purpose for being there is.

Traveling is the best tool 
Often the travel industry is viewed as a strain on the planet. Vacationers are said to be nothing more than culture-vultures or travel voyeurs, passively watching, rarely engaging. But as we in the industry know, tourism is about more than just the actual trip. Traveling is the best tool we have for learning about people, cultures, nature, the world, and our place in it. Traveling can inform us, and it can help us grow as humans. It can connect us, and it can be, if we allow it, as much and inward journey as...

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Use Traveling to Solve Your Problems

It’s common to want to break free of your surroundings and run away from your problems, but can you actually use traveling to solve your problems? 

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The tricky thing about problem-solving isn’t just the problem, it’s the way we go about it. Starting in our natural surroundings where we see the same people, perform the same tasks, discuss the same solutions of the problem (the ones that previously didn’t work). When we go about the problem in the same way, with the same people, there is no disruption to our thinking. We might believe we are thinking outside the box, but in reality, more often than not we are just repeating patterns or confirming what we previously thought. 

Our unconscious mind is like Google. If we write ‘the world is flat’ into the search bar, we will get thousands of...

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Interview with Authority Magazine

Know thyself. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, the saying ‘know thyself’ has encouraged people to engage in a search for self-understanding. I once had a client that did excellent work, on a subject she was passionate about, but still found herself burned out, and about to leave her job. It didn’t take us many sessions to understand that her personality type didn’t work in conjunction with the way she worked and that although her field of work was her passion, she had to go about it in a radically new way. Traveling is one of the best ways to confront your values, dig deep into your subconscious and set aside time to reflect on your findings.

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